About Us



The vision of the Aboriginal Institutes’ Consortium is that Aboriginal owned, operated and controlled member institutes are funded and recognized in meeting the needs of First Nations people.


The Aboriginal Institutes’ Consortium is comprised of Aboriginal controlled post-secondary education and training institutes working collectively to secure adequate resources to support the development and to promote the recognition of member institutes.

The Aboriginal Institutes’ Consortium was established in 1994 as a forum to address the collective issues impacting its member institutes. The Consortium consists of seven Aboriginal owned and controlled education and training institutions. Aboriginal institutions have successfully delivered post-secondary programs and services in Ontario since 1985 and currently deliver programs to 4000 learners per year.

The Consortium is supported by the Chiefs of Ontario to “ensure the existence of free standing, fully funded, recognized and accredited post-secondary institutions in Ontario;” and “to facilitate and Ontario-wide process toward federal / provincial recognition of Aboriginal controlled post-secondary institutions.”

As such, the Consortium has built relationships with and continues to implement strategic initiatives with the federal and provincial governments to advance the recognition and capacity development of Aboriginal institutions. The critical objective of the Consortium is recognition. The concept embodies the full developmental range of institutional capacity including: Institute recognition, program recognition and funding.

The consortium plays an instrumental role in driving and in some cases, setting the Aboriginal institutes agenda at regional, national and international levels through the development of strategic relationships and supportive networks. The consortium has succeeded in raising the awareness and profiles of Aboriginal institutions, learners and communities through ongoing advocacy.